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User Desi
Friday 8 July 2011

Lost object on Vlieland

User Floris (Employee)
Tuesday 18 August 2015

You indicate that you have lost or found something.

If you have lost something you can report this at the municipality Vlieland. Not the police. Is it an object which has been stolen from you? Then you should indeed do report to the police. Sometimes you also need to go to the police when it comes to a lost identity document.

Lost something?
If you have an lost an object in (the region of) Vlieland, you can inquire the local municipality Vlieland. Perhaps your item is already found. You can declare an lost object on http://verlorenofgevonden.nl/. You can of course also come to the town hall.

After declaration of loss and showing your ID, you can retake your possession immediately.

Do you have found an object (in this region), then it is your duty to do your best to give it back to the owner. If you know who the owner is, you can do this yourself. Do you not know who the owner is? You report the the item to the local municipality.

You can declare an found object on http://verlorenofgevonden.nl/. You can of course also always come to the town hall.

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