Lighthouse Vuurduin Vlieland

Lighthouse Vuurduin VlielandLighthouse Vuurduin Vlieland

The lighthouse of Vlieland is located on the 42 meter tall Vuurboetsduin dune just outside the village of East Vlieland. The lighthouse itself is only 18 meters tall. After dark, the light from the lighthouse shines, ...

Badweg, Vlieland
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Tromps Huys

Tromps HuysTromps Huys

Halfway through the main street is the oldest building of Vlieland. It was built shortly after 1575. Since 1956 the Tromp's Huys Museum is located here. Tromp's Huys was from 1896 the residence of the Akersloot's. The originally Norwegian Betzy ...

Dorpsstraat 99, Vlieland
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Visitor Center De Noordwester

Visitor Center De NoordwesterVisitor Center De Noordwester

In De Noordwester you can find information about Vlieland and its residents, on a tour or inside the Information Center 'De Noordwester'. The information center is located between the Kerkplein and the Dorpstraat, across from the library.

Bezoekerscentrum de Noordwester
Dorpsstraat 150, Vlieland
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Port of call Vlieland

Port of call VlielandPort of call Vlieland

Wadden sea harbor Vlieland lies approximately 800 meters from the village Oost-Vlieland, and directly on the beach. The entirely revamped harbor (opened June 2009) consists of a working harbor, and ...

Havenweg 68, Vlieland
tel. 056 245 172 9
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What is a nicer way to enjoy the nature in the Wadden-region than by mudhiking? Strolling through the mud on a way to an island... It's dangerous to go on a mudhiking tour without a guide. There are 6 organizations that have mudhiking tours. They offer all kinds of tours on/over the Wadden Sea. ...

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All five Dutch Frisian Islands are wonderful to visit. On Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and ...

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Rijwielverhuur Zeelen

Dorpsstraat 2, Vlieland
tel. +31 562 451 090
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Manege De Seeruyter

Badweg 8, Vlieland
tel. +31 562 451 962
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Swimming Pool Flidunen

De uitlegger 2, Vlieland
tel. +31 562 451 445
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Surfschool Vlieland

Kampweg 1, Vlieland
mob. +31 631 746 631
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Manege Stal Edda

Fortweg 9, Vlieland
tel. +31 562 451 128
mob. +31 622 500 476
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Fietsverhuur Jan van Vlieland

Havenweg 7, Vlieland
tel. +31 562 451 509
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Oude Raadhuis

Dorpsstraat 148, Vlieland

Het Armhuis

Kerkplein 6, Vlieland


Kerkplein, Vlieland