Events on Vlieland

In the summer there is almost daily something organized Vlieland. Under which the various markets, folklore, music performances and various sporting events where you can look at or to which you can join.

Lighthouse Walk

The light house walk knows two parts: a relaxing walk, and a challenging run for recreational and performance oriented runners alike. Because there is also a walking trail, the event is great for the whole family. Furthermore there is a youth walk prior to ...

National Museum Week

Begin april

During this Museum week about 450 museums are to visit. There are extra activities such as workshops, guided tours, tastings, children's treasure hunts, musical performances and the possibility to dress up.

National Mills Day

Since 1974 the event is held every year on the second Saturday in May. It is a day when as many mills as possible are running. The National Mills Day has now become an annual event. Besides turning and grinding, all kinds of activities take place at a large number of mills, from baking pancakes to music festivals. ...

J'Aime La Vlie

J'Aime La Vlie ademt Eurovisie. Een heel weekend vol met het songfestival waar we allemaal (stiekem) van houden, en dat op het mooiste Waddeneiland. Dit wordt de eerste editie van hopelijk een hele reeks festivals. We gaan ons best doen om het leuk te maken zowel voor de die hard fans als voor de mensen die een leuk ...


Early August

Ten old Dutch flatboats, ten days, five islands, hundred artists and talents… since 1988, people from all age groups can annually enjoy upcoming talent, different kinds of music, surprising (street)theater, cabaret and different workshops. Almost all performances are free or can be visited at a small fee. 25 & 26 juli ...

Into the Great Wide Open

Intro the Great Wide Open is een popfestival voor alle leeftijden, een initiatief van een club mensen die elkaar kennen uit de popmuziek en die op Vlieland hun droomfestival werkelijkheid doen worden. Intro the Great Wide Open is een samenzijn op ...

Heritage Days

Open Monuments Day is held every year halfway through September, when thousands of monuments in the Netherlands are free to the public. The participating monuments can be recognized by the Open Monuments Day flag as shown here. Open Monuments Day is organized to encourage people to know more about their historical ...


Elk jaar op tweede kerstdag organiseert kampeerterrein Stortemelk, in samenwerking met Loopgroep Vlieland, opnieuw de gezelligste recreatieloop van Nederland, over 5 en 8 km. Deze gaat onder alle omstandigheden - bij zonneschijn, sneeuw of wind - door. Éven gezellig die ...


New Year's Day plunge

January 1

On the first on January the annual New Year's Dive (Polar Bear Plunge) is organized on Vlieland, which has been since 1998. Start 2023: 13:00 hrs