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Sailing on the Wadden Sea

Holland Sail offers multi-day sailing trips on the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. This is especially for groups of 12-48 people on board ships of the oldest historical sailing fleet in the world. The fleet consists of no less than 29 ships. Holland Sail's ships have an open and relaxed atmosphere. Holland Sail's strength lies in the expertise of the ...

Holland Sail
Stationsplein 3, Enkhuizen
tel. +31 228 312 133
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What is a nicer way to enjoy the nature in the Wadden-region than by mudhiking? Strolling through the mud on a way to an island... It's dangerous to go on a mudhiking tour without a guide. There are 6 organizations that have mudhiking tours. They offer all kinds of tours on/over the Wadden Sea. These tours vary in length, time and heaviness. We wish you lots of fun on the Wadden Sea...

Surfschool Vlieland

Kampweg 1, Vlieland
mob. +31 631 746 631
web. Website

Rijwielverhuur Zeelen

Dorpsstraat 2, Vlieland
tel. +31 562 451 090
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Manege Stal Edda

Fortweg 9, Vlieland
tel. +31 562 451 128
mob. +31 622 500 476
web. Website

Fietsverhuur Jan van Vlieland

Havenweg 7, Vlieland
tel. +31 562 451 509
web. Website

Swimming Pool Flidunen

De uitlegger 2, Vlieland
tel. +31 562 451 445
web. Website

Manege De Seeruyter

Badweg 8, Vlieland
tel. +31 562 451 962
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