Lighthouse Walk 2024


The light house walk knows two parts: a relaxing walk, and a challenging run for recreational and performance oriented runners alike. Because there is also a walking trail, the event is great for the whole family. Furthermore there is a youth walk prior to the walk and run.

The runners will go over the North Sea beach, along the marina, over the Waddendijk and through the village. And of course over the Vuurboetsduin, even twice at the 10 nautical mile! The distances of the Lighthouse Walk are remarkable: either 5 or 10 nautical miles, in other words 9.25 or 18.5 kilometers. The distance is market by buoys per nautical mile.

Also the walking trail is varied, with along the way tons of surprising locations with entertainment for the participants. For instance, the Vlielander lighthouse is climbed and route goes right through private gardens and houses.

But in addition to sporty performances, the fun comes first. It promises to be a real walk party, with lots of fun, coziness and a genuine island experience. The Lighthouse Walk is therefore a reason for a longer stay on Vlieland!

You can find more information on the website below.