Lighthouse Vuurduin Vlieland

Lighthouse Vuurduin VlielandLighthouse Vuurduin Vlieland

The lighthouse of Vlieland is located on the 42 meter tall Vuurboetsduin dune just outside the village of East Vlieland. The lighthouse itself is only 18 meters tall. After dark, the light from the lighthouse shines, this happens fully automatic.

Every lighthouse has its own code, that of the lighthouse of Vlieland is 2 seconds on, 2 seconds off. From the lighthouse you can enjoy fantastic views of the island, the North Sea and the Wadden Sea.

It is possible to visit the lighthouse throughout the year.

Name: Vuurduin
Built: 1876
Tower height: 16,8 m
Light height (above sea level): 54,0 m
Floors: 3
Stair treads: 51
Manned: No
Open to the public: ja

Furthermore Lighthouse Vuurduin Vlieland is near the following sights: Visitor Center De Noordwester (±500 m) & Tromps Huys (±600 m).

For information:
Badweg, Vlieland