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The Old Town Hall on Vlieland, a historical gem in the heart of the island, offers visitors a unique glimpse into the rich history and culture of Vlieland.

What can you expect at the Old Town Hall?

Experience the Historical Splendor of Vlieland

A visit to the Old Town Hall is a journey back in time and provides a deep insight into the heritage of Vlieland.

The Old Town Hall of Vlieland is a fascinating destination for history enthusiasts and a charming addition to your visit to this beautiful island.

Furthermore Old Town Hall is near the following sights: Visitors Centre de Noordwester (±20 m), St. Nicholas Church (±70 m), Tromp's Huys (±125 m), Bunker Museum Wn 12H (±200 m) & Lighthouse Vuurduin Vlieland (±500 m).

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Dorpsstraat 148, Vlieland