Bunker Museum Wn 12H

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Take a unique journey through time at the Bunker Museum Wn 12H, hidden beneath the dune sands, offering a glimpse into life during World War II, the Atlantic Wall, and Vlieland's significant role during this period.

What can you expect at Bunker Museum Wn 12H?

Visiting Bunker Museum Wn 12H

Bunker Museum Wn 12H offers an insightful and tangible reminder of a crucial period in history that must never be forgotten. Discover the hidden stories of Vlieland during World War II at Bunker Museum Wn 12H.

Furthermore Bunker Museum Wn 12H is near the following sights: Tromp's Huys (±90 m), Old Town Hall (±200 m), Visitors Centre de Noordwester (±225 m), St. Nicholas Church (±225 m) & Lighthouse Vuurduin Vlieland (±700 m).

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