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[h1]Tromp's Huys[/h1]
Discover Tromp's Huys, the oldest house on Vlieland, now a fascinating museum highlighting the island's rich history and culture. Located in the picturesque village of Oost-Vlieland, Tromp's Huys offers visitors a unique glimpse into life on a Wadden Sea island.

What can you expect at Tromp's Huys?

Tromp's Huys is not just a museum but a time capsule that takes visitors back to another era of island culture and history.

Practical Information

Experience an unforgettable journey through time and discover the unique culture and history of Vlieland at Tromp's Huys.

Furthermore Tromp's Huys is near the following sights: Bunker Museum Wn 12H (±90 m), Old Town Hall (±125 m), Visitors Centre de Noordwester (±150 m), St. Nicholas Church (±175 m) & Lighthouse Vuurduin Vlieland (±600 m).

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Tromps Huys
Dorpsstraat 99, Vlieland
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